• Our African Black Soap is an incredible product with high quality Ingredients sources from Ghana.This African Black Soap is rebatched with a natural melt and pour soap base for a solid longer lasting bar. We shave down raw African black soap to small crumbled pieces and mix with natural ingredients for skin and hair Benefits. 

    Our Rebatched African Black Soap is molded in a massage bar for direct pressure on the skin and scalp. Yes these bars have great hair benefits and can be used as a shampoo bar. 

    Black Soap is made in West Africa and it's one of its best kept secrets and made from local natural plant based ingredients such as Shea Ash, Cocoa pods, Plantain skin, Activated Charcoal Etc.

    Tea Tree and Charcoal African Bar

    • Please read all listed ingredients for any allergies. This soap can be used as a hair soap bar and body bar. It's great for soreness and tension, massage into the body or scalp with pressure.

    • We DO NOT make this product, we rebacth. This product is sourced from a third party, the product is made in Ghana, Africa.