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Created with purpose and love

O’vaeh’s Creations was inspired by the love I have for creating natural products. My motto “created with purpose and love”, was born with the understanding of feeding your body from the outside in, and loving the skin that you’re in.


I take pride in using quality organic ingredients in our homemade products that are safe for all skin types, and cruelty free!


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Customer Reviews

“Hello, I recently purchased your Wild Thang body butter and I have to say I'm highly obsessed, is there any way to order a bigger size?” 

“I don't say this lightly about other brands but THIS Rose butter is incredible and I don't even care for roses like that. This butter smells and feels amazing. I met the owner in Hanover Modern Party ART pop up shop and she's such a boss and helpful. So happy to have met you”

“I used your Winter Breeze body butter last night and i'm hooked. The consistency and smell is amazing. I can see why it is one of your best seller”

“Hi i wanted to say thank you for all the amazing goodies, specially the body butter it is simply bomb. It smells amazing, it's so light but goes a long way, it's so moisturizing, my skin is soft until the next day. I can't wait to try a different scent”

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